10 Reasons To Read Aloud To Your Young Children











1. It can increase their attention span.
2. When they get older, they’ll score higher on standardized testing.
3. It will positively impact every facet of their formal education, including math.
4. For every year you do from infancy to preschool, their expected lifetime earnings will increase by $50,000.
5. There are more words in the average children’s book than on prime time television.
6. It will create a special bond between you and your children.
7. When children are exposed to new stories, they learn ways to react to new situations appropriately.
8. By doing so you can effectively “turn on” many of their developing brain cells. After all, a child’s brain grows to  90% of it’s adult size in the first 3 years of life!
9. The American Academy of Pediatricians say it’s important to your children’s overall health.
10. It will develop a positive attitude in your children about reading, that they can draw on later in life.

This post was contributed by Bookroo. Bookroo’s mission is to education parents about the importance of reading, and then empower them to build their children’s book collections in an affordable and exciting way, through curated monthly deliveries.



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