10 Lies About Education


Schools are not improving. The achievement gap is the schools’ responsibility only. Poor grades mean poor abilities. It is always the teachers fault. Minority students drag down America’s global rankings. Merit pay doesn’t work. Teachers get too many days off. Special education is a drain on school resources. Students are not able to pray in… [read more]

Ten Ways To Teach Boys


Give them praise for their accomplishments. Give them activities that will allow them to move around. Use humor when teaching. Challenge them on a regular basis. Use games to improve learning. Use competition whenever possible. Cut down on writing activities. Show them a good example. Keep directions clear and brief. Use technology to reinforce learning.

Twenty One Things Effective Teachers Do


Successful teachers have precise objectives. Successful teachers have a sense of purpose. Successful teachers know when to listen to students and ignore them. Successful teachers have a positive attitude. Successful teachers expect their students to succeed. Successful teachers have a sense of humor. Successful teachers use praise smartly. Successful teachers know how to take risks.… [read more]