Ten Things Parents Should Help Kids Do In the New Year


            Plan school goals out for the year. Plan for spring and summer activities. Reflect over last school years progress. Plan for fun activities when kids reach their goals. Encourage student success. Allow children to help with decision making. Continue to help build your child’s self-esteem. Put kids in situations… [read more]

Back To School


Discuss school expectations. Take the kids school shopping. Purchase school supplies. Buy a new lunch box. Meet your child’s teachers. Adjust your child’s bedtime. Let your child know you will be helping with their homework. Get appropriate physicals and immunization. Make sure your child stays physically active. Make sure your child eats healthy.

10 Ways To Help Pay for College for Your Children


Invest in a 529 college savings account. Many states offer prepaid tuition plans consider this option. Invest after-tax income into a brokerage account to save for college. Live a modest life style to help pay for college. Invest in your employer’s college savings plan. Look at scholarships and grants. Have your child stay in state… [read more]

10 Things to Know About Students With ADHD


ADHD is a real disorder. ADHD behaviors are not a cause of bad parenting. Positive reinforcement works much better than negative reinforcement. Every child with ADHD is unique. Hands-on activities and approaches to learning work best. Medication is not a cure for ADHD. Parents need to be kept informed of the students behaviors at school.… [read more]

How Too Motivate Children In School And At Home


Encourage them to express their opinions. Show enthusiasm their interests. Provide them with play opportunities that support different learning styles. Point out the new things they learn with enthusiasm. Ask about what they are learning in school. Help them to stay organized. Celebrate achievements no matter how small. Focus on their strengths and help with… [read more]

Eleven Ways to Improve Schools


1.Become Teacher-Friendly. Invest in preschool programs. Keep schools safe. Provide quality after-school programs. Encourage innovation in public education. Recognize and encourage schools that show improvement. Encourage parents to be active in their children’s education. Build strong relationships with school district leaders. Find ways to motivate students. Foster learning communities within schools. Stop reinventing the education… [read more]

10 Lies About Education


Schools are not improving. The achievement gap is the schools’ responsibility only. Poor grades mean poor abilities. It is always the teachers fault. Minority students drag down America’s global rankings. Merit pay doesn’t work. Teachers get too many days off. Special education is a drain on school resources. Students are not able to pray in… [read more]