10 Ways To Help Pay for College for Your Children


Invest in a 529 college savings account. Many states offer prepaid tuition plans consider this option. Invest after-tax income into a brokerage account to save for college. Live a modest life style to help pay for college. Invest in your employer’s college savings plan. Look at scholarships and grants. Have your child stay in state… [read more]

10 Things to Know About Students With ADHD


ADHD is a real disorder. ADHD behaviors are not a cause of bad parenting. Positive reinforcement works much better than negative reinforcement. Every child with ADHD is unique. Hands-on activities and approaches to learning work best. Medication is not a cure for ADHD. Parents need to be kept informed of the students behaviors at school.… [read more]

Twenty One Things Effective Teachers Do


Successful teachers have precise objectives. Successful teachers have a sense of purpose. Successful teachers know when to listen to students and ignore them. Successful teachers have a positive attitude. Successful teachers expect their students to succeed. Successful teachers have a sense of humor. Successful teachers use praise smartly. Successful teachers know how to take risks.… [read more]