10 Things to Know About Students With ADHD


ADHD is a real disorder. ADHD behaviors are not a cause of bad parenting. Positive reinforcement works much better than negative reinforcement. Every child with ADHD is unique. Hands-on activities and approaches to learning work best. Medication is not a cure for ADHD. Parents need to be kept informed of the students behaviors at school.… [read more]

10 Ways To Help Your Kids To Learn Math


Make sure your children understand basic mathematical concepts.  Help them master the simple things first.  Teach them to write their numbers neatly and line them up correctly.  Provide help immediately when your children need it.  Help them with math homework or hire a tutor if needed.  Encourage your children to do more than the assigned… [read more]

How Too Motivate Children In School And At Home


Encourage them to express their opinions. Show enthusiasm their interests. Provide them with play opportunities that support different learning styles. Point out the new things they learn with enthusiasm. Ask about what they are learning in school. Help them to stay organized. Celebrate achievements no matter how small. Focus on their strengths and help with… [read more]