10 Reasons To Read Aloud To Your Young Children











1. It can increase their attention span.
2. When they get older, they’ll score higher on standardized testing.
3. It will positively impact every facet of their formal education, including math.
4. For every year you do from infancy to preschool, their expected lifetime earnings will increase by $50,000.
5. There are more words in the average children’s book than on prime time television.
6. It will create a special bond between you and your children.
7. When children are exposed to new stories, they learn ways to react to new situations appropriately.
8. By doing so you can effectively “turn on” many of their developing brain cells. After all, a child’s brain grows to  90% of it’s adult size in the first 3 years of life!
9. The American Academy of Pediatricians say it’s important to your children’s overall health.
10. It will develop a positive attitude in your children about reading, that they can draw on later in life.

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Ten Things Parents Should Do for Teachers













1. Stay informed of school activities.
2. Attend Back to School night.
3. Be a team player.
4. Respect teachers’ time.
5. Know when to use email and when to use the phone.
6. Get the teacher’s side of the story.
7. Let teachers form their own impressions but provide helpful information.
8. Pick your battles wisely.
9. Volunteer at the school or join the PTA.
10. If your child has a special need let the teachers know.


Ten Reasons Parents Should Join The PTA



group of multiracial kids








1. You care about your kids.
2. Students benefit academically from parent involvement.
3. To get connected with other parents.
4. You can help teachers become successful.
5. You can advocate for kids.
6. You will play a part in decisions that affect children.
7. To be a positive role model for kids.
8. You help the children in your community.
9. To learn about school resources.
10. You will meet people who share your concerns.

10 Reasons Nonreaders Don’t Read











1: Reading is not their strength.
2: They can’t read as fast as their peers.
3: They fear they will have to read out loud and be embarrassed.
4: They often have low self-esteem in regards to reading.
5: They believe they have to finish every reading selection.
6: They fear they will give the wrong responses.
7: They feel like they are being forced to read.
8: They believe they are too far behind to ever catch up.
9: They usually have no interest in the material they are required to read.
10: They often have problems with comprehending what they have read.

10 Reasons For After School Programs For Kids


kids computer








1. Kids find friends with similar interest.
2. It helps them to learn how to manage their time.
3. It helps them to master a new skill which helps to build confidence.
4. It teaches kids how to work as a team.
5. It helps kids to set goals.
6. It helps kids improve their academic performance.
7. Kids usually have fewer behavioral problems.
8. Kids have a safe structured environment to work in.
9. Kids learn how to become leaders.
10. Kids learn how to improve their social skills.


Top 10 Reasons Kids Should Get Plenty of Exercise









1. Kids who exercise are more likely to keep exercising as adults.
2. Exercise helps kids achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.
3. Regular physical activity is good for the brain.
4. Exercise improves the chances of getting a good night sleep.
5. Research shows that exercise promotes improved school attendance.
6. Exercise aids in the development of important interpersonal skills.
7. Kids who exercise have greater self-esteem and a better self-image.
8. Participating in regular physical activity can prevent chronic diseases.
9. Children who are active report fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression.
10. Exercise helps improve motor coordination.

Ten Things Parents Should Help Kids Do In the New Year








  1. Plan school goals out for the year.
  2. Plan for spring and summer activities.
  3. Reflect over last school years progress.
  4. Plan for fun activities when kids reach their goals.
  5. Encourage student success.
  6. Allow children to help with decision making.
  7. Continue to help build your child’s self-esteem.
  8. Put kids in situations where they can be successful.
  9. Choose better eating habits with them.
  10. Teach kids how to save money.

10 Tips for Parents to help improve kids reading.


  1. Read with your child daily.
  2. Create a print-rich home environment.
  3. Model reading and writing.
  4. Use grocery shopping to encourage reading.
  5. Take turns reading a book.
  6. Explore new books and magazines together.
  7. Tell stories together.
  8. Go to a book store when you have nothing to do.
  9. Play writing games with children.
  10. Play games on the computer that require reading

Eight Ways To Help Kids Study For A Test

  1. Talk to the Teacher to find out what will be on the test.
  2. Involve the Whole Family in the studying process.
  3. Try multiple ways to study.
  4. Make a game with Flash Cards.
  5. Use test strategies.
  6. Design a practice test or use one already created.
  7. Review any lingering questions before the test.
  8. Get plenty of rest and eat breakfast the day of the test.

Back To School

  1. Discuss school expectations.
  2. Take the kids school shopping.
  3. Purchase school supplies.
  4. Buy a new lunch box.
  5. Meet your child’s teachers.
  6. Adjust your child’s bedtime.
  7. Let your child know you will be helping with their homework.
  8. Get appropriate physicals and immunization.
  9. Make sure your child stays physically active.
  10. Make sure your child eats healthy.